HyperCalendar Free 3.33 for Windows 10


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HyperCalendar Free is a free calendar that surely will appeal to every computer user. In the calendar, you will find a task management tool, built-in diary and alarm clock. HyperCalendar Free is available free of charge, but in the course of the program will receive a variety of advertising and window information, like about buying a commercial version. The program works with any operating system, and allows you to password-protect the program. HyperCalendar Free offers users: - affordable and convenient calendar - analog clock and a tool for reminders for important events, - ability to define and set the alarm in the form of a text message or voice - built and multifunctional notebook - built-in graphical themes - the ability to set different calendar options, related to the display of the date, - importing and exporting, and printing text and memoir - a powerful search engine keywords in the diary or messages reminding of the important event.